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G.A.S. Give a shit. You can’t take a class for it. You can’t read a book on it. You can’t get trained in it. The truth is, you either have it or you don’t. For those that do, even fewer regularly demonstrate it and subconsciously exercise it as their daily superpower – how they navigate through life and the daily occupational challenges. For these people, it truly is the foundation of their success.

We at the Secret Sauce Society are a diverse collective of predominantly PEERS, business owners, executives, executive consultants and other allied professionals who are drawn together by the level of G.A.S. we all share and apply it selflessly, relentlessly to help one another to make difference in their life and business.

It’s netGIVING NOT netWorking

So here is how it all shakes down…we meet once a month. There will of course be drinks, smiles, laughter and incredible food but, this is not why our members keep coming back month after month and year after year. They show up to do one thing and one thing only… To positively impact the life of someone else in the room.

To us, this is the Secret Sauce… when we develop new, more meaningful relationships based on service. Whether it’s offering time to help solve a problem, facilitate an introduction or simply opening a door for their loved one in need, Secret Sauce Society members are dedicated to helping others. And, we do it without expecting anything in return.

Now here is the best part… the actual “secret sauce”… relationships that form out of selfless service not only are more authentic but, the business exchange that is ultimately conducted through our group, over time not only feels better, it is more trusted and frankly there is More Of It!

We are so proud of the countless collection of both the beautifully human and business success stories that have come out of our unique gatherings. And, while millions of dollars have been made for our members, we are most proud of the way it is done, by relentlessly applying the level of G.A.S. that we all share to simply serve and along the way develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.

You’re Welcome At Our Next Gathering

Mountain Shadows Resort
Mountain Shadows Resort
Mountain Shadows Resort
Mountain Shadows Resort



Please join us and make a difference with us on Wednesday January 25th, from 5-8pm at Short Leash Hot Dogs in the Melrose District in Phoenix.

Time: 5 – 8pm
Place: Short Leash Hot Dogs, 4221 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013


Hear It From Our Members…

The Secret Sauce Team


Why the Secret Sauce Society?

The Secret Sauce Society was created out of my life experience and it all started with the home I was raised in but, more importantly, the way in which I was raised.

My parents were in love. My brother and I were the center of the universe. No drinking. No drugs. However, more than that, my parents (and grandparents who visited every day) lived their lives in-service. It was not connected to our faith, it was just who my parents and grandparents were. My home was literally Grand Central Station for anyone that needed a meal, a place to stay. It was the place of joy, love, laughter and safety for the world. And, I thought all this was normal!

It wasn’t till I went to college (left the nest) that I realized two things very quickly:
The world was not what I thought it was – that my home and everything that came out of it was most unfortunately NOT normal, and
My parents and grandparents were heroes!

At that moment, I decided who I wanted to be. I decided that I wanted to pay it forward and also live my life in-service to others and importantly apply that to my occupational pursuits.

Well, after 29 years of (DAILY) applying the principles that my parents and grandparents taught me to business, it has given me a life filled with gratitude, joy and prosperity.

Every day for 29 years I help someone. I make a difference. I open a door. I facilitate an introduction to someone who can help. But then, in 2018 I had an idea, why not magnify the impact of my daily one-offs and put like minded business peers in a room to do it for me and with me… to geometrically increase the level of giving so that we, and those we care about, benefit.

The Secret Sauce Society was born!


“When Andrew asked me to host a small gathering of connecting professionals for cocktails in December 2018, I couldn’t have imagined how quickly Secret Sauce would become the talk of the town.

But since then (with a 14 month break for COVID in the middle) Secret Sauce has become an event that you plan your travel around.

Connecting with high level professionals without any self serving intention is radically different approach to after hours events but it is what makes Secret Sauce the place where high level Executives, professional Athletes and Entrepreneurs who would never be caught dead at a networking event show up every month and invite their network.

I am proud to have been there with Andrew when he started this movement and continue to facilitate its growth and expansion through my network.”


“I am excited to be a part of the Secret Sauce Society leadership team! My principal role will be to create more value for members by adding more benefits, programming, and resources.

Given this, expect to be hearing from me directly over the coming weeks and months. We have many new exciting things planned and we are so excited to share all of it with you.

Lastly, please always know that in the spirit of The Secret Sauce Society (Arizona’s ONLY NetGiving organization), I am committed to being a constant resource for you both, in your business and in your life.”


“Andrew refers to me as the straw that stirs the drink. I am the Secret Sauce Society’s membership and guest relations manager. I run many things behind the scenes to make sure that you have the best experience possible. If you have any questions, just ask me!”