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Phat Scooters 3220 S. Fair Lane, Suite 12 Tempe, AZ 85282
3220 S. Fair Lane, Suite 12, Tempe, AZ, 85282, Arizona

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In my never ending focus to live my life in-service to people and planet, The Secret Sauce Society is an event I (Andrew Kolikoff) created with my friend Derrick Mains (President of Phat Scooters) to deliver exponential impact to the Phoenix executive and business ownership community as a whole.

Focused only on business owners, community leaders, executives, executive consultants and other allied professionals, The Secret Sauce Society is a gathering of those whom I carefully select to do my bidding for others in attendance – to positively impact the lives of those whom they meet and come into contact with.

Whether that be a synergistic introduction, the sharing of a life lesson or simply an offer help someone overcome a present challenge, the purpose is simply to give.

The truth is … no matter where we are in life and no matter what status we carry, all of us at times in our life need a helping hand. And while, traditional, peer based networking does naturally take place (as it should), it does within the context of giving first. 100 leaders, executives, owners and others really making a difference in the lives and business.

Our private event for June 10, 2020 will be held at Phat Scooters 3220 S. Fair Lane, Suite 12, Tempe, AZ 85282 and as always, food, and beverages will be served. A special thanks to Derrick Mains for sponsoring the venue for our event.

Member Savings

As you know, you can attend The Secret Sauce Society every month for $25.

Well, Secret Sauce Society Membership gives you two ways to save, while dramatically increasing your opportunities to give, connect and build authentic relationships as a Secret Sauce Society Member.


We are still seeking event, food and beverage sponsors.

If you are interested in becoming an event, food or beverage sponsor please reach out to Andrew at andrew@secretsaucesyndicate.com or simply click here for this event and future sponsorship opportunities.

Space is limited to 100 so be sure to reserve early!

We hope you can make it.

Andrew & Derrick


Bookings are closed for this event.