Andrew Kolikoff & Derrick Mains
The Secret Sauce Society

I’m Andrew Kolikoff

Why The Secret Sauce Society?

For those who know me, know that I meditate every morning.  At the end of the meditation, I recite a daily mantra that ends with making a commitment to impact someone’s life that day.  I then go about my day and apply two KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) every single day:

  • First, I have a coffee or lunch everyday with someone whom I have not met but would like to.
  • Next, I make 2-5 introductions a day for those I meet and all of whom I have met collectively.

I do this every day… and I have done so for almost 28 years.

Let it be known however, that to give just for the sake of giving feeds ego or perhaps is an expression of an insecurity… it is therefore, the wisest person who only first helps to discover what it is needed and then give exactly that. Nothing more.

In every one of my appointments I have one sole intention, to first relentlessly and lovingly interrogate that person to help them find clarity in what it is they need help with. Interestingly most don’t know when asked! After I have done that and only after I have done that do I help them… which is often in the form of a valuable connection – a warm, personalized introduction to someone who can help.

Let’s be honest, almost everyone views meeting people in the context of their career or company in a transactional way.  You give to get.  Well, let me ask you… if you are at a friend’s house for a barbeque over the weekend and your are speaking with someone while holding your drink poolside… I bet you don’t have a transactional mindset then.  You are NOT seeking to GET anything from them other than a few laughs perhaps.  You’re only focus really is to simply enjoy your time at the party.

Well, did it ever occur to you that it is when you are holding this mindset, orienting your mind, body and spirit solely on social discourse and perhaps dispositional chemistry… that this is your most authentic self and the most empowered place from which to build a truly authentic relationship?

The Secret Sauce Society was created out of this intention and how I have lived my life in (non-transactional) service.  It is a way for me to maximize the impact of the 1200+ individualized emails and group texts per year connecting people and instead, inviting peers into a space to develop a truly authentic bond and help someone.  Anyone! 

The Secret Sauce Society therefore was created to deliver exponential impact to the Phoenix executive and business ownership community as a whole.  Focused only on business owners, community leaders, executives, executive consultants and other allied professionals, The Secret Sauce Society is a gathering of those whom I carefully select to do my bidding for others in attendance – to positively impact the lives of those whom they meet and come into contact with.  Whether that be a synergistic introduction, the sharing of a life lesson or simply to offer help someone overcome a present challenge, the purpose is simply to give. 

Know this … no matter where we are in life and no matter what status we carry, all of us at times in our life need a helping hand.  And while, traditional, peer based networking does naturally take place (as it should), it does within the context of giving first.  75 to 100 leaders, executives, owners and others really making a difference in people’s lives, businesses and careers.

When and where does it take place?
Held normally the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 5-9 PM, we host The Secret Sauce Society in unique and beautiful settings throughout the Phoenix Metro area. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

To make an event like this possible … it takes not only the carefully selected people in the room to give, but also hosts willing to offer their beautiful venue … as well as sponsors to help defray event related costs such as hors d’ ovres, drinks and more.

If you have a unique venue that you would like to offer or if you would like to become a sponsor, click the link below to see our sponsorship programs or contact me for additional information.

Contact Andrew Kolikoff for Your Invitation to The Secret Sauce Society