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Build Meaningful Relationships with Andrew Kolikoff & Derrick Mains

It’s Good Business to Make a Difference in the Lives of Those You Do Business With and Seek Business From

I’m Andrew Kolikoff

Why the Secret Sauce Society?

The ONLY business event where meaningful, non-transactional based relationships are created solely through a desire to serve – to make a difference in the life of others.

Our Mantra: It is good business to make a difference in the lives of those we do business with and seek business from.

Really!… what better way is there to do business than while doing so, we are making a difference in people’s lives along the way?

What The Secret Sauce Society is…

A monthly, invitation only gathering of business owners, executive level leaders and other business professionals who live their lives with G.A.S.

What is G.A.S?. Give A Shit! – the only thing that you cannot learn, be taught, be trained in, take a class for or, read a book on. Everyone has their own level of G.A.S. baked in them.

At the Secret Sauce Society are drawn to and invite only those who live with the highest level of G.A.S.- people who genuinely care and are driven to make a difference.

NOT netWorking it’s netGiving. You show up to do one thing and one thing only… to make a difference in the life of someone in the room. Whether that be opening a door, making an introduction, offering your time or a solution to their challenge… whatever it is… we show up to serve! And, by doing so, THAT is how we create meaningful relationships that last. (Non-transactional based ones!)

A safe gathering place for business owners, executive level leaders and other business professionals because YOU WILL NOT BE SOLD TO! We are all here to serve and make a contribution!

A completely new way to build new, genuine relationships. If business synergy is created and developed, Great! It happens all the time at our events. It is done so however, with first a singular focus and intention to serve.

I’m Derrick Mains

When Andrew asked me to host a small gathering of connecting professionals for cocktails in December 2018, I couldn’t have imagined how quickly Secret Sauce would become the talk of the town.

But since then (with a 14 month break for COVID in the middle) Secret Sauce has become an event that you plan your travel around.

Connecting with high level professionals without any self serving intention is radically different approach to after hours events but it is what makes Secret Sauce the place where high level Executives, professional Athletes and Entrepreneurs who would never be caught dead at a networking event show up every month and invite their network.

I am proud to have been there with Andrew when he started this movement and continue to facilitate its growth and expansion through my network.

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